Will There Be Any Restrictions On Me In Student Accommodation

As a new student you may have lots of questions about student living and one of the most commonly asked questions is what restrictions might apply to you.

To answer this question, you’ll need to look at which type of accommodation you’re looking at taking on.

On Campus

If you choose to rent accommodation that is on campus, you are going to have to follow a lot of rules. In student accommodation, each person will be given keys to get in and out of the buildings and their rooms, however, there tend to be cameras everywhere. There will be cameras outside your block, throughout the campus, in the corridors outside your room and so on. Although on campus living tends to be without curfew, you will not be expected to going out very late at night due to disturbances caused t other students in your block.

On campus, you are also not allowed to make much noise, so parties in your room are pretty much forbidden. As is loud music or anything that others might complain about.

Living With a Landlord

Some students prefer to rent a room in a home, and sometimes this might be with the landlord or landlady and their family, if they have one. When you’re living in someone else’s home, you must respect their rules and often this will include a curfew to avoid disturbing the landlord/landlady and their family or children.

In theory, a live in landlord can set whatever rules they please, and so this option is probably going to have the most restrictions. You might be expected to muck in with the cleaning, help with cooking meals for the family and so on. It is likely the landlord would want you to live as part of the family. This option is often most suited to foreign students who want to explore the culture of living as part of a family in the UK.

Private Student Housing – The Most Freedom

If you live in a private student house, you will have the most freedom. With a private student house, everyone has their own key and can come and go as they please. There are no curfews, no cameras, and pretty much no rules other than those within UK law, such as keeping noise to a certain level.

Some restrictions may apply here in terms of the property, such as not being able to make any alterations to the property without permission, but this is standard for rented homes. There may also be some restrictions placed on you as to whether you are able to rent a house, such as if you have a poor credit history, but this is uncommon as most students are renting a home at age 18 or 19 when they have only just started being able to obtain credit.

If you want complete freedom, a private rented student house is most certainly the option that is best suited to you.