Tiverton Road 2017

Thank you very much for taking care of us and the house this year. It was a really great time living in here. Everything is perfect and I’m so glad that we were so lucky to have met you in our final year. It’s also a pleasure to talk to you like a friend. We really like the house and we hope the future tenants will look after the house like we did. Please keep in touch – and I wish you good health and happiness all time. Take care and all the best.

Claudia Leung

Coronation Road

“Chris and Maggie are  the best Landlords I could have hoped for, not only do they deal with everything really quickly, but they are really nice and very easy to get along with. Their houses are all of a very high standard and I wouldn’t hesitate in reccomending them to anyone!”

Richard Corrall
October 2009

Hubert Road

Chris and Maggie have been the best landlords possible. Always round as fast as possible when there is even the smallest of problems (not that there was anything major living in such lovely houses) but even for something as small as changing a light bulb!  I don’t think many people can say their landlords were as lovely and helpful as Chris and Maggie were!  We much appreciated the addition of the table and chairs following our request and it was so great to have someone looking after us away from home.

Thank you for all your help and you are welcome to call in for a cup of tea whenever you are about!

Francesca Worthington

Hubert Road

Landlord Reference: Chris and Maggie Young.

From June 2009- 2010 I was a tenant at Hubert Road, Selly Oak. The house was fully furnished and ready to be lived in as soon as the lease started.  The rooms were fully cleaned and redecorated before we moved in, there was no evidence that there had been previous tenants in the house.

Whilst I lived in the house, I felt secure as we had the house alarm, sensors in the bedrooms and individual locks on our doors. As I was staying in the ground floor, by the front door, I told Chris and Maggie about my concerns of being so close to the road and without hesitation (or charge) they installed a panic button in my bedroom  which would set the house alarm off if necessary. (I never needed to use this button, but its presence made me feel much more secure). Additionally, they added an extra dead-lock to the front door. All the building work was completed at convenient times and the builders were friendly and tidy.

Whenever there were small problems in the house- such as broken mirrors, Chris and Maggie ensured that any problems were fixed within 24 hours max. of asking.

We were given both of their numbers and it was ensuring to know that we could call or text them whenever to ask them a question about the house and its facilities.

Furthermore, Chris and Maggie would also give us notice if they were to be coming to the house for any reason. Finally, when leaving the house we received our deposits back within 5 day- which was much sooner than any other friends with other landlords.

I honestly couldn’t recommend Chris and Maggie Young any more as landlords- they are the best!

As a house, we were all so disappointed that we no longer have them as landlords.

Elizabeth Jameson

Coronation Road

To all potential tenants
I’ll start off with the house. The house is located a relatively tiny distance from the university, making it perfect for anyone who has breaks in between lectures. Inside, the rooms are large, well kept and arranged in a particularly convenient layout, when compared to other properties in Selly Oak. Additionally, the house contains features such as a tumble dyer, under-stairs storage and two bathrooms (upstairs/downstairs) which are rare commodities for student housing. The rent is also very reasonable for the location and property size. Coronation Road itself is pretty safe, the neighbours are mostly students and the noise from the pub is non existent.  Finally, i’ll talk about the landlords. Chris and Maggie are some of the best landlords i’ve heard about. Estate Agents are often a pain and some landlords just don’t care about the state of their properties or the experience their tenants have when staying there, however this was not the case with our landlords. To find landlords with a ‘that-day-or-the-next’ response rate to any problem is practically a miracle and they are both very understanding of student needs. Overall, the house and landlords made my accommodation at university a very pleasant and memorable experience.

Alex Archibald (tenant 2007-2009)<- yes we stayed in the house for two years :)

Exeter Road, Selly Oak

Thank you for funding our deposit in full and your kind words regarding our maintenance of your property. We always felt that you were readily available to sort out our problems and this made our stay quite comfortable and stress free. I would have no hesitation in recommending any future tenants to rent your property.

Yours sincerely
Priyanka Palimar

Rookery Road

We lived in one of the Youngs’ properties (a basement flat) for two years, between July 2007 and June 2009. In that time any issues we had with the property, which were few, were swiftly resolved. Moreover, services available to us included a gardener who tidied our shared garden when required. Chris and Maggie Young are very friendly and approachable landlords and they are easy to contact. We would not hesitate to recommend them, and, as people who have had a lot of experience with landlords, we can say that they are two of the best.

Jennifer Palmer

Hubert Road

Maggie and Chris were my landlords for the year 2009-2010, and as my first time renting, I could not have asked for more. Hubert road was in immaculate condition when we first got there and stayed that way thanks to Maggie and Chris’s constant help throughout the year. Even the smallest task, such as changing a halogen light bulb too high for us to reach, would just require a text and they would be in the next day to fix it for us. The house is safe and secure and is a really lovely place to live. One of our housemates was feeling uncomfortable being on the bottom floor and Chris and Maggie came in and fitted a panic alarm and a second lock on the door. I have not heard of any landlord that looks after their tenants so well, and makes you feel like they actually care about your wellbeing not just getting the rent on time. Chris and Maggie, gave us just the right amount of support- they were always happy to help but not too intrusive; and we all wish we could have stayed with them for another year.

Jessica Feltham

Exeter Road

RE: Chris and Maggie Young

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Chris and Maggie Young, who were my landlords for the academic year 2009-2010 whilst I lived in their six bedroom house on Exeter Road, Selly Oak, Birmingham.

Chris and Maggie have been excellent landlords throughout the tenancy, who were always ready to help out whenever anything needed doing. They were always quick to respond to any problems that we had, first trying to sort things out over the phone or if necessary coming over to visit the house and sort it out themselves. That said there were very few problems with the house and we felt as if we lived in a nice, well maintained and cared for house. The furnishings and appliances were all in good working order, and the house was well kitted out for our needs. They are very approachable and easy to talk to and when we asked for any reasonable improvements to the house which we felt may make our stay more comfortable, they were happy to provide these improvements. They ensured to contact us in advance when they were coming over to do any improvements or show any prospective tenants around the property.

They are a pleasant and good natured couple who provided us with lovely house. There is really nothing that I could fault them for as landlords and I am happy to give them my wholehearted endorsement.

Samaresh Mazumdar

Exeter Road

Reference for Chris and Maggie Young.

I lived at Exeter Road, Selly Oak from July 2009 until July 2010.  I found Chris and Maggie to be the best landlords I had in my 3 years of private renting in Selly Oak.  They fulfilled all requirements of the contract and often went beyond what was required.  When signing the contract, they clearly explained all parts of it and explained things like how the deposit was stored to protect both parties.  On moving in, they were very accommodating in sorting out furnishings we needed such as shelves for the kitchen and coat hooks in the bedrooms.  Throughout my tenancy all problems were sorted efficiently and without delay.  For example, there was a problem with the boiler which we discovered late at night.  A plumber was dispatched the next day and the boiler was fixed.  Chris and Maggie are very friendly as well but at the same time respect your rights as tenants.  Whenever they were going to visit the house or wanted to show people round they always gave at least 24 hrs notice and endeavoured to give more if possible.

My advice to anyone renting on Selly Oak is to seriously consider the landlord as well as the property.  Having people who you can rely on if there any issues means there is one less thing to worry about.  If I could I would always rent from Chris and Maggie.

Kind Regards,
Simon Caldwell
Tenant 09/10