• Frequently Asked Questions


What is an accredited landlord?

As Accredited Landlords we are all members of the Midland Landlord Accreditation Scheme (MLAS). We attend professional training sessions in order to qualify for registration. We must keep up to date with new and changing legislation affecting the private rental sector by continuing to attend MLAS seminars and training.

Are the houses near the university?

Yes, all are within walking distance of the University of Birmingham main campus in Selly Oak.

Do you have houses for large groups?

We have houses suitable for groups ranging from 2 to 12, either single houses or, particularly for larger numbers, adjoining properties or houses situated very close by.

What happens if something goes wrong in the house?

As we are a local group a local maintenance team is always on hand to fix any problems.

How can I contact my landlord?

You will have a direct number for your landlord. The landlords in our group will also give you contacts you can call if any problems occur and you cannot get in touch with your landlord.

Is my deposit safe?

Yes, your landlord must protect your deposit through one of the government approved tenancy deposit schemes.

Will I get my deposit back?

Normally your landlord will return your deposit less any agreed deductions once your tenancy comes to an end.  In the event you do not agree, the deposit protection scheme allows for a third party arbitrator to decide.

Deductions are only made for damage including breakages and items above and beyond “normal wear and tear”.

How do I pay my rent?

Most landlords require that your rent is paid monthly in advance by standing order. Some landlords differ, so please confirm with the individuals.

Does my rent include water rates, gas and electricity?

Some landlords include all or some of the utilities and you should ask individual landlords specifically about this.

What is the average cost of utilities?

This depends upon the number of people in a house, the type of house and how you use the services. We would estimate that the average you should budget for gas and electricity is £5-£10 per week.

What is an HMO?

An HMO, or House in Multiple Occupation, is a house or flat rented by more than two unrelated tenants sharing kitchen, bathroom or toilet facilities.  Larger HMOs with more than two storeys and/or five or more tenants require a licence, issued by the local authority and displayed in the property.

All student houses are subject to the same safety standards, regardless of whether they require an HMO licence or not.  All our student properties are regularly inspected and certified as conforming to gas, electrical and fire safety standards.

Do I have to pay council tax?

You must provide evidence to Birmingham City Council that you are a student in full time education, otherwise council tax becomes due.

What about contents insurance?

Most landlords only insure their own building and contents. It is your responsibility to insure your own possessions. This can sometimes be done by extending your household policy from your permanent residence, but you will need to take this up with an appropriately qualified insurance advisor.