What do students always forget when moving into student accommodation?

We know it happens, it happens when you go on holiday, it happens when you go to visit friends – you forget things. But what’s in the top ten? What ten things do students always forget and end up rushing to the 24 Hour Tesco to buy?

Here’s what students told us:

Plastic Drainer

That’s right, you might not have a dishwasher, so you’re going to have to wash those dishes yourself. And where do you put them? Well one of those plastic drainer things are absolutely ideal because they give you the excuse to say “they’re drying”. And you know what? Air drying is the best way. Far better than drying with that filthy tea-towel, anyway.

Toilet Paper

Oh yeah, you’ll need tons of this stuff. Keep a few rolls in the toilet itself, too. So many times we’ve (cough) heard of students who do their business and then turn to notice there’s no toilet roll left.

Corkscrew with Bottle Opener

You can use the excuse that the bottle opener is for the milk. But when was the last time you had milk with a cap on it? No, doesn’t wash. You need the bottle opener for your beer bottles because trying to open beer with your belt leads to sharp glass and trips to hospitals. Seriously, tell your parents it’s the safest way.

And the corkscrew? Well, you’ll be entertaining guests won’t you? Like your parents? Of course you will.

Furniture Polish

Your student house will become filthy. Of course it will, it’ll stink if left alone for more than a few days and the beauty of furniture polish is that it also makes a place smell great. So keep some by and if you have visitors coming round, spray it into the air.

I mean, what you should really be doing is cleaning the furniture, but in the absence of enough time (or, like, Pointless is on) then just spray it in the air. The house will smell fresh as a daisy. Or lavender.

Bin Bags

Where else are you going to dump all those pizza boxes?

Remember, though, some councils want you to separate your recyclables, so keep them in different bags.

USB Charger

Oh yeah, for when the phone runs out of juice.

A Safe

Now, this is an interesting one. You can get a safe for about 50 quid, but why would you need one? Well let’s face it, you’re about to live with a bunch of people you’ve never met before, who’s to know if one of them isn’t a complete lying thief? I’m sure they’re not, but…

Ask your landlord before you bolt it to the floor though.

Oh, and yes, they do sell them in Tesco.

Cans of Soup

In fact, cans of any easy-to-cook food are useful to keep by because there are going to be times when you just need food NOW, and you really can’t afford to eat out again. Also, they last forever.

A torch

Absolutely the most useful thing to have at any time. A torch with charged batteries is essential. If your parents are asking what they can buy you, ask for a torch. Get a MagLite because they’re almost indestructible.


Because you’re in Britain. It’s the best drink ever. It just is, no arguments.