Five Must Have Gadgets For Your New Student Room

Let's face it, you're about to leave the comfort of a big house and spend the next few years of your life in one room. You better make that room pretty special or you're going to get bored really quickly. Here are a few ideas that might just help!

Back to the Roots Water Garden

How about a fish tank, that's also a plant pot? Awesome eh? This does both!fish plant This three gallon tank has some pretty neat features. For example, if you're a student, you're not going to have time to be worry about cleaning it, no, you'll be spending your time revising, working, drinking etc. So, this tank cleans itself! The fish waste feeds the plants, the plants clean the water. Awesome! Just remember to feed the fish, yeah? Buy from Amazon for £65.99

Like music, but got noisy neighbours?

Those little earbud things you got with your smartphone are OK, but they're not very good in a noisy environment. Nope, they let in too much chatter and if you have room-mates that like to talk, that means you're not going to be able to enjoy your music in peace. Noise cancelling headphones are expensive though aren't they? Nope. headphones These from Sony weigh in at just under £30 and have noise-cancelling built in. They give superb sound, to-boot. Again, Amazon is your friend!

How about for more social music?

OK, so you want everyone in the room to hear your music taste? Easy peasy, check these out: speaker   Looks great, sounds great and available in a bunch of colours to suit your mood with both Bluetooth and wired connectivity. Only £24.99 from ByteMyTech

Who's in my room?!

Want to keep tabs on who's going into your bedroom when you're not there? How about this? monitor This odd looking thing is actually a baby monitor, but it's got an amazing feature - you view it through your mobile phone or tablet! It also has night-vision and can detect movement and inform you straight away. £86.49 from Byte My Tech

Planning on eating?

You're probably going to have to cook then, so how about getting kitted out with your own set of pans? starter There's everything you need to make omelettes and beans on toast. Let's face it, that's all you'll be cooking. £33.99 from Amazon.