Why Living Off Campus Can More Fun Than Living On It

Although student accommodation on campus can be easy and convenient, there are lots of benefits of living off campus and many students feel it’s loads more fun to live in student housing.

The biggest perk of living off campus is that you get the really fun job of house hunting and finding a cool place for you and your housemates to live. If you’re searching for housing alone, you can search for a student house that is already occupied, or could try to find other students who are looking to rent a house out as a group. This is a great opportunity to make new friends and meet new people that you otherwise wouldn’t have met. Living on campus, you’re placed in a room (without really much choice) and your neighbours are probably the only people you’ll see after hours.

Another great benefit of having your own student house rather than on campus accommodation is that you can make your own space more of a home. You can put pictures up, can often redecorate, can put your own things about the house and generally make it a more comfortable environment. You can also have your very own kitchen and living room, as well as your own bedroom and a bathroom shared by fewer people.

And of course, what is the biggest and most fun benefit of student housing over on campus living? HOUSE PARTY! When you move in, it’s almost certain you’ll have a house warming party where you can make loads of new friends and some funny memories. But not only that, you’re sure to have lots of other parties in your own space throughout the year too. It’s totally your choice and it’s YOUR home.

Don’t be put off by the idea of cleaning. Most students who share a house off campus simply all chip in and get a cleaner to come round once or twice a week. If you want a neat and tidy house, though, you can simply do a rota to avoid having to do loads of boring cleaning.

Some other great benefits can include being much closer to things like takeaways, supermarkets, shops, pubs, clubs and other funs stuff like cinemas, bowling alleys and so on. Student accommodation tends to be very close to town centres, so you are usually right in the middle of the hustle and bustle, which makes for great student living. There’s always somewhere to go and something to see, and you can always get hot takeaway food late at night if you can’t be bothered with cooking.

Another reason many students prefer off campus living is that you can get up to whatever the hell you want without cameras on you 24/7. This is the problem with living on campus, there are cameras everywhere and they see EVRYTHING, which means you have to follow the rules. Living in your own house – these rules do not apply!

So get house hunting and enjoy!