Lies Students Tell Themselves – And Others!

Anyone who’s been a student and lived away from home will know that it’s far more than just gaining an education, it’s also a life experience that will never be equalled. However, it can be a shock to the system because suddenly there are important deadlines.

Sure, when at school you had to get your homework in on time, but it was never so important that your future life really depended on it. But with all the work you’ll be expected to do on a degree course, it’s essential you get it done right and in when it’s supposed to be.

However, it seems many students have a whole range of excuses for not getting things done right now.

  • I’ll get that coursework done by the end of the week. No problem.
  • I’ll get that coursework done for tomorrow. No problem.


via: 56 Lies That Every Student Tells

What about looking after themselves?

We’re adults now, yeah? And we can look after ourselves and our bodies! Of course we can, however more lies!!

  • I’m going to work on all my flaws and reinvent myself at Uni.
  • Drinking five nights a week isn’t that bad.
  • Another day of dry shampoo is fine.

via: 56 Lies That Every Student Tells

And as for getting things done…

  • Okay, that is the LAST time I have a qaudvod.
  • I’m not going to let my washing pile up this much again.
  • That’s enough Netflix for now.

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And what do they tell their parents?

  • “Yeah, of course I started the assignment a few weeks before it was due.
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I suppose it sets us up right for life though!